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Scott Fletcher offers professional building inspections with easy to understand building inspection report and supporting photos. Pre purchase building inspection services. Quality inspection, successful negotiation.
Scott is also currently president of the Association of Building Consultants.

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For most, purchasing a house will be the single largest investment they ever make. It can also be an emotional roller coaster with both exciting and stressful times all combined into one. Before you make that final decision, ensure you are armed with the right information. Our building inspection and written report is your peace of mind.

I aim to give you the best possible house inspection at a competitive price. Inspection costs start from $330 for units or apartments and $440 for courtyard homes & small houses. Please contact me for a fixed quote.

I offer a professional inspection with easy to understand written reports and supporting photos. I am experienced and insured.

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This is my first home inspection and I’m really really impressed how the home inspections work. From the moment I called their number I was greeted with the polite and professional person who arranged a convenient date. When I arrived at the house the inspector was already there, he introduced himself to me and explained what he would be doing. We went through all areas of the house covering the areas of concern and after 2 hours or so I went away happy that a thorough inspection was done. This company is the best!

Complete Peace of Mind when Purchasing.